Lasagna Chicken Plate

Welcome to this blog! You are reading my first post actually. I’m going to use this blog from now on to feature food that costs 101 pesos and above since I already have a blog that features food that are cheaper than 100 pesos. Of course, the format will always be the #TownExplorer type. I’m going to categorize each food according to the town (at least) where I ate them.

Greenwich Lasagna


Right now, I went to Greenwich Vigan Branch to eat what I am craving for – the lasagna. The combo I ordered is called Lasagna Chicken Plate which costs 149 pesos.

Cost: 149 Pesos

Included in the combo is one-piece chicken and a regular softdrink. Well, it is a typical fastfood offering but I think it is also cool to feature food without boundaries. I mean, whether it is popular or not, common or rare, cheap or cheaper, any type of food will be featured on this blog as long as they will meet the minimum requirement: they must cost 101 pesos or above.



Based on my personal experience, this meal is as good as a heavy dinner.

Greenwich Vigan Branch

So as I mentioned above, I ate this food in Greenwich, Vigan Branch. This fastfood branch is located in Galleria de Vigan, Burgos Street, Vigan City (just around the famous Plaza Burgos).

Greenwich Vigan


What’s great in this branch is the location. It is housed in a renovated vintage Vigan mansion overlooking the historic Plaza Burgos and it is just few steps away from Calle Crisologo, Vigan Cathedral, Plaza Salcedo and other popular mansions and museums in Vigan.

Ending Personal Insights

Of course yesterday is a pay day. So my cousin who seems to have a lot of moola today invited me to go to Greenwich. I don’t know why this place was her type.



So it was a bonding time for both of us. We took a tricycle from home since my motorbike is not in good condition. After a few chit chat, we took another trike and alighted at the cemetery where our aunt’s remains were located. We saw our relatives (a lot of them) eating pancit. You know this is a bonding time for the whole big extended family. That ends the day.

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